Why TWA Relocation?

Relocation service in Asia was originally target for Expatriates who need A to Z full support to ease their relocation. With the globalization and change of work styles and economy, relocating to Asia Pacific is no more special thing but a part of building your successful career. The average age of Assignees is getting lower than before and their needs and budget for relocation service are also changing.

TWA Inc. is glad to provide a new style of relocation service that meets current demands of assignees and their families. Hospitality, Flexibility and Professional Service at reasonable cost are our key factor.

The origin of TWA’s relocation services is to provide more stress-free and seamless housing solutions to our clients by adding our original services of providing short-term and long-term accommodations. By using our existing business strength, TWA is able to provide services with hospitality mind, professionalism, and flexibility.
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Hospitality “OMOTENASHI”


All of our Relocation Consultants know how stressful relocating to another country is because they all have backgrounds of long-term stays overseas as students and employees. That is why our Relocation Consultants work with the full spirit of “OMOTENASHI” (meaning “hospitality” in English) to assignees during the whole process of their relocation. For example, we provide hotline consultation services after transferees settle in a new home because we know that there are many unexpected situations that occur even after real life starts. We will be “THE Concierge in Japan” for assignees.



The biggest concern of relocation is finding the right accommodations. The assignee’s next one to two years of life in a new country will be based on the very house they choose. Compared to other countries, Tokyo has a greater variety of faces: skyscrapers to low-rise buildings, traditional areas to modern areas, and quiet residential areas to flourishing tourist areas. Do you understand the terms “Jyo” and “Tsubo”? Do you know that contract procedures will take much longer than in other countries? Sometimes these differences can cause complications and time may be wasted as a result.

TWA’s strength is in this housing solution. Starting from a provider of short-term and long-term accommodations for focusing on the non-Japanese population in Japan, we have experience in finding the right accommodations and signing hundreds and thousands of leasing contracts for them. Because we know the housing market and the wide network with major developers and property management companies, we have confidence that we can provide the right accommodations for assignees.



Flexibility is the third feature of TWA’s relocation services. Clients are able to customize service packages and cost depending on their preferences from our services, in place of just choosing a package, which was the most common way in the past. That is why we can flexibly adjust to any type of relocations: from casual packages for local hires to luxury packages for expats, from singles to families, from individuals to groups. Because we have vast knowledge in managing serviced apartments/corporate housings, TWA is able to create locally-tailored furnished apartments with services anywhere in Japan. That is why we can provide relocation services anywhere you are in Japan.

TWA Inc. | Tokyo World Service

We aim to provide one-stop relocation service from world to Tokyo and Tokyo to world. Being the only company based in Tokyo to have serviced apartment, furniture rental, and housing agent in one group, we are able to provide relocation to Tokyo easier and closer to you. Please feel welcome to contact us for any inquiry. You are ensured to be served with our bilingual and experienced consultants.

TWA Inc. and Enplus, Inc.

TWA, Inc (Tokyo Worldwide Agency) is a subsidiary wholly owned by Enplus Inc. (www.enplus.co.jp/). Enplus aims to provide a ONE STOP HOUSING SOLUTION for those coming to Tokyo. The multi-lingual housing consultants utilize their local knowledge and experience to help find housing solutions through a wide variety of apartments (for short-term stays as well as long-term stays). Our international relocation consultants (TWA) and real estate experts (Enplus, Inc) support all your relocation and housing needs as valuable assignees coming to Tokyo and other areas of Japan.

Enplus Inc. offers professional and comprehensive following service to meet all of your requests:
[For Clients]
- Housing Agent
- Managing Serviced Apartments/Corporate Housing in Tokyo
- Furniture Rentals
- Worldwide Serviced Apartments Alliance & Partnership

[For Property Owner]
- Property Management
- Sublease
- Consultation and Asset Management

Enplus Inc. | Tokyo Real Estate

Our mission is to provide visitors and residents with high-value middle to high class apartments in the Tokyo area. We are proud to be one of very few companies in Japan to offer a whole range of housing solutions; short stay apartments for people here on business stay or vacation, and long term stay accommodation for persons staying in Tokyo a year or more. Please feel welcome to call or e-mail us for inquiries.

Enplus Inc. | Tokyo Real Estate Company
TWA Inc. | Tokyo World Agency
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TOKYO LIVING | Tokyo Premium Rental Apartments
SMART RENTAL | Tokyo Furniture Rental Service

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