C : Settling Down Package

Relocation is not finished with just finding house/apartment and moving in. Unexpected events are experienced daily when you are in Tokyo. Having the OMOTENASHI spirit, TWA’s settling down service assists tenants in acclimating to their new surroundings. This includes assistance with city registration, registering financial accounts, etc. We will work to become “THE concierge in Japan” for you.

Assisting with Alien Registration

Alien registration is equivalent to resident registration. Registration is required for all non-Japanese residents who will reside in Japan. TWA’s consultants will go with the assignee to the ward office to make sure this task is completed.

Supporting with Opening Bank Account

Financial accounts are necessary for many basic activities. Accounts are necessary for funds to be transferred, withdrawal of cash, and opening phone accounts. Unfortunately, not all bank tellers can assist you in English, and frequently a translator is necessary for stress-free transactions. We will attend with the assignee to open an individual bank account.

Assisting with Purchasing Mobile Phone

In Japan, you are not able to use mobile phones bought abroad. There are very few public phones in the city, as well. Thus, mobile phones are the most important “means for contacting others” for all assignees. TWA will make sure, by going with you to the store, that this means of contact is provided in due time.

Area Orientation

You’ve the house/apartment, furniture in place, and now what to do? Area information including international supermarkets, hospitals with English services, gyms, and pharmacies is important. Yet that information is usually provided in Japanese only. Our consultants will assist you in getting comfortable with the area.

30 days Support Line

Generalized assistance and information is helpful in the beginning as we all share the trouble. Catering to each separate need is what TWA’s 30 days support line promises. Assignees shall enjoy the luxury of knowing “The concierge” is there for the individual and their family. The employer shall also enjoy the same luxury as they know that professionals are exclusively taking care of their employee.