A : Orientation Package

TWA welcomes you to Japan! Relocating to Tokyo should be an exciting matter in life. With the “OMOTENASHI”/hospitality spirit, TWA’s orientation package is designed to relieve assignee’s stress, caused by such things as language difficulties and cultural differences, in their initial phase of relocation. There are two phases of services to our orientation package: pre-arrival communication and post-arrival face-to-face meeting. During pre-arrival, we will consult, inform you of what you can expect, provide general information, and arrange temporary accommodations. Through our post-arrival orientation, we try to minimize the stress upon arrival and focus on the positive side of relocation.

Temporary Accommodation

We will search, arrange, and consult with choices of temporary accommodation. We understand that contract signing procedures for housing in Japan are time-consuming and slightly different from international standards. For this reason, temporary accommodations are usually required. As we have corporate housing (or serviced apartments) providers in the group company, we are able to consult with the latest market information and even offer a discount.

Before Arrival Orientation

How much one knows about the surrounding new environment affects performance in business and daily life. Where can you withdraw money on weekends? Can you pay taxi fees using credit cards? These are some of the questions that you will immediately face upon arrival even before you come to Tokyo.

Providing Route Information to Office

Maps are useful in theory, but when you are unfamiliar with the surroundings, reading maps can be difficult because you know none of the landmarks. In addition, the Japanese language will be an obstacle for you as you may read only a limited number of the signs in English. If this is the first day in your office, you do not want to worry about how to get there. We will create different sets of English maps for you individually to ensure smooth and easy access to your office from your temporary accommodations.

Welcome package with Area Information

Not all information provided can be digested in one day. TWA gathers and provides different sets of materials and contact information that can be useful during your stay in Japan. This will be provided in addition to the before-arrival orientation.

Consultation on Japanese Accommodation / Housing Market

“Jyo” and “Tsubo” is how the Japanese measure the size of their room. Japanese buildings are also different from those in Europe when we call them “old” buildings. Sometimes this can cause complications and time may be wasted as a result. We will explain the necessary terms and points of caution so you can avoid facing unnecessary misunderstandings.

Tips to Japanese life / Expatriates community

Our relocation service does not only aim to settle your housing but we would like to maximize the experience of relocation for the individual and their family. By providing tips and introducing other communities in Tokyo, we believe your relocation life will have more variety.