B : House Hunting

House Hunting is the main event of relocation; The assignee’s next one to two years of life will be based on the very house they choose.TWA’s strength is this package. Because we are experienced housing agents ourselves in Tokyo, we are able to provide the latest market trends, convey necessary information, and most importantly, assist you in making the right choice. Our housing packages ensure that contract conditions are fair.

We also extend our hands in setting up utilities and the internet. Assistance with furniture rental or purchase is also included. This is why we are proud to call our service the “One Stop Housing Solution.”

House Viewing (Scheduling)

Time assigned for house viewing is usually limited in the relocation process. Allocating the right time, the right agent and the right property are, therefore, essential. Experience our house viewing procedure. Our corporate house hunting starts with smooth scheduling.

Support / Negotiation with the Contract

TWA has experience in signing hundreds and thousands of leasing contracts, specializing in supporting the non-Japanese population in Japan. Feel free to utilize our knowledge upon signing the contract to make sure you are getting the best deal and a fair contract. This package shall provide you more information on top of just your agent’s knowledge.

Move-in Inspection / Confirmation of Property Status

When you move-in to your new house/apartment, what you do not realize is the cost you may have to bear when you move out. In Japan, different standards are set for wear and tear. For example, do you know what to do with having “tatami” in your room? Be ready for move-out expenses with TWA consultation upon move-in.

Assisting with setting up Life Line

Housing is the body and utilities are the veins. Making sure the house/apartment has all the necessary features, such as hot water and lights, is important in relocation. Our service will make sure that the assignee gets all of their utilities from Day One without hastle.

Assisting with setting up Internet / CATV /

Japanese apartments in main urban areas are mostly internet ready. However, they may still take more than two weeks after your application before you can use it. Leave it to our consultant to arrange the application on your behalf.

Furniture Rental Support

Purchasing furniture is easy and fun. But this option could cost more, as one needs to dispose of furniture, and you need to pay the disposal fee in Japan when relocation period ends. TWA can consult on and introduce the right furniture rental plan, not only for well-to-do expatriates, but to suit any budget and to deliver on time. If you use the furniture rental plan within our group, special discounts may be provided, as well.

Furniture Purchase Support

If furniture rental is not the right choice for you, or if you require purchasing furniture, TWA can provide references to the furniture stores. We can introduce various furniture shops to fit your request. Assistance with second-hand furniture purchase is also available.

Arranging / Supporting with Movers

We understand movers can be expensive and arranging delivery can eat your time. Leave it to us. As part of our relocation service, having clients move from around the world to Tokyo and from Tokyo to around the world, we are happy to assist your arrangements with movers with our selection or with your choice.