"Can you support me for relocating to outside Tokyo?"

Yes. It depends on the terms but we are able to support relocation to all over Japan and abroad.

"I am a non-Japanese speaker."

Our bilingual staff will help members from local class to executive to find the best solutions.

"Could you help with immigration related application?"

Yes. We will support you with application matters of visa and alien registration etc.
* Services provided by our specialist administrative office partner.

"What can you help me with?"

We could support from visa application to house hunting, providing route information to your office, sightseeing application, weekend tips etc. by applying to full service.

"Are there any English speaking / foreigner acceptable hospitals?"

Yes. We could provide medical information by area.

"Is it possible to apply for only optional services?"

Yes. We would be more than happy to provide flexible relocation packages depending on your needs and budgets.

"We do not need the services you provide but only have to find a house for our company members."

Please check out our Premium Tokyo Furnished and unfurnished rental apartments website.


"I will be arriving in two days. Could you help?"

Please contact us NOW at +81-3-4455-7599

"I don’t have time for housing procedures or policy buildings."

Please give us the opportunity to help. Housing desk service and corporate housing management service can help your employees with their housing needs.

"Can you support large groups?"

Yes. We will be happy to support groups. Of course, individual inquiries are always welcome.