What is Relocation Service?

Relocating to a new place is often exciting; going to a new country, experiencing a new culture, and tasting special local foods are just a few of the benefits of relocation. Being on a new career path to reach your goals can be especially fulfilling. At the same time, however, relocating to another country can also be very troublesome and stressful; moving belongings, finding the right apartment/house, transferring your child to a new school, etc. are all worrisome and time-consuming endeavors. Relocating to Japan in particular, where culture, language, customs, and transportation are totally different from the rest of the world, can be especially difficult. More people feel that relocating to Japan is not as easy as relocating to Singapore, Hong Kong or other areas where English is officially available.

Employers want relocations to run as smoothly as possible. However, the reality is that employers have limited time to support, as relocation is not their main task. Relocating people is supposed to increase productivity of a company. However, it often results in transferees feeling unease, being less productive, and also results in decreasing productivity for the company.

Using relocation services is the solution to this negative cycle. Having professional hands available full-time, assignees are able to go through the relocation process in a way that is as stress-free and seamless as possible. This makes employers able to maintain high productivity in their companies.
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Why TWA Relocation?

Relocation service in Asia was originally a target for expatriates who needed A to Z full support to ease their relocation. With the globalization and change of work styles and economy, relocating to Asia Pacific is no longer an uncommon thing, but a part of building your successful career. The average age of assignees is getting younger than before and their needs and budget for relocation services are also changing.

TWA, Inc. is glad to provide a new style of relocation service that meets the current demands of assignees and their families. Hospitality, flexibility and professional service at a reasonable cost are our key strong points.

The goal of TWA’s relocation services is to provide more stress-free and seamless housing solutions to our clients by adding our original services of providing short-term and long-term accommodations. By using our existing business strength, TWA is able to provide services with hospitality, professionalism, and flexibility.
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